True Mapping is a trusted name in both the GIS and Oil & Gas industries. In fact, we’re privileged to provide geographic information systems (GIS) mapping services to a wide variety of companies, from economic development firms and municipalities to an ever- growing selection of oil & gas industry leaders.

TrueMapping Map Features

Statistics show that 80% of all data within any given company has a spatial component, which means that it can be analyzed and mapped in a Geographic Information System (GIS).

Who uses our maps?

  • Small & Medium-sized Businesses
  • Drilling Companies
  • Consultants (Petroleum Engineers, Geologists, Land Agents)
  •  Drilling Service Companies
  • Law Firms
  • City Councils
  • Township/Borough Councils
  • Marketing Firms
  • Pipeline Companies
  • Economic Development Groups
  • Excavating Companies
  • Tourism Bureaus
  • Individual Landowners
  • Printing Companies

An easy way to visual GIS is that of picturing a cake with many layers.

Each layer of the cake represents a different geographic component, such as land usage, elevation, parcels, streets, and each layer is stacked up on top of another.

In this way, GIS combines locational and attribute information and enables a person to visualize patterns, relationships and trends.

This process gives an entirely new perspective to data analysis that cannot be easily seen in a table or list.

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Jessica Wright, owner

With more than a decade of experience in the energy industry, working with both private and public exploration and development companies, Wright is the owner of True Mapping, Inc.  Adept in the creation of a wide range of GIS maps, Wright specializes in the mapping and analysis of leasehold/competitive acreage positions, top and bottom hole well locations and unit and well site layouts.  Throughout her career, Wright has been involved in numerous aspects of well site development such as lease reviews, permitting, E & S control plans and pipeline row/mapping.


We provide maps of all sizes, per client specifications and needs. Whether you need work size maps or giant wall maps, we can give you exactly what you need, with a turn-around time that makes you happy.

We’ll give you database creation & management of assets utilizing state-of-the-art Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software.

We’ll provide your company the up front data you need for property evaluation. Acreage maps, surrounding well data, distance to surround wells, production reports, location plats and plugging reports -- we’ll give you exactly what you need.

Maybe you need to know who is drilling where? We’ll provide your company the information you need for your marketing and planning purposes.

  • Leasehold & Acreage Maps
  • Well Location Maps (Top & Bottom Hole)
  • Pipeline Location Maps
  • Legal Documents & Exhibit Maps
  • Company Asset Overview
  • Detailed MapBooks
  • Presentation Maps
  • Trade Show Maps and Materials
  • Business Location Maps
  • Proximity Maps
  • Tourism Maps
  • Sales Area Maps
  • Educational Maps & Materials
  • Website Maps



We believe in being good stewards of our money and our resources. As a small company with little overhead, we pass the cost-savings directly on to you. We’re also diligent with our time. This means that you benefit from the cost-effective benefit of our work ethic.


We understand the importance of confidentiality. In addition to our pledge of being confidential with the critical data we obtain from or for you, you can also rest assured that we employ numerous online security measures in the transfer of your maps.

No Hidden Costs

You won’t have any hidden costs when you work with True Mapping. Whether the postage for mailing your project or the printing costs from a trusted printing company, your billing will reflect the actual cost of any 3rd party vendor.


In the world of GIS, getting “close” isn't good enough. You need accuracy and that’s exactly what we deliver. With a team of individuals proficient in data collection and seasoned in geologic exploration, you'll benefit from the accuracy of the maps we produce.


If there’s something you want and we can’t deliver it, we’re not going to pretend. Because we value integrity and honesty, we’ll search until we find the expert that will be able to provide exactly what we need to deliver what you expect -- excellence.


The age-old adage is true: Time is money. Because we know the value of our time, we also respect the value of your time. Therefore, when we work on a project for you, be assured we are driven by deadlines and the importance of delivering on time, every time.

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Our pledge to you is that of producing precise and timely geospatial solutions that are cost-effective and visually robust, accurately representing your assets and interests.


At True Mapping, we’re pleased to serve a large clientele of eclectic clients from various industries.  This is a small sampling of some of the clients we are privileged to serve.

Rice Energy
Direct Results
Mountain Lakes
Empire Energy
Northwest Savings Bank


What are your rates?

True Mapping quotes out all work on a project by project basis. There are no hidden costs or fees, all printing, mailing and data purchases are at cost.

Do you print your own maps?

No. We provide all digital prints to our clients. We have an amazing working relationship with our 3rd party printing services who give us the best price and turnaround time available. We don’t have large format in house printers or ink, which keeps our overhead down and a savings that can be passed on to our clients. Our printers can deliver via FedEx, UPS, US Mail and Courier Delivery.

Who are your typical clients?

Small to Mid-Sized Oil and Gas Operators, Land Acquisition companies, Pipeline companies, Lawyers and Estate Planning firms, Geologic consultants.

What is a typical turnaround time for projects?

The majority of projects are customized for each client.  A typical project from start to end is usually turned around in 1-2 weeks, depending on the amount of data and type of mapping and analysis that needs done. It is not uncommon (pending workload) to get a simple map done overnight when requested. We aim to please all our clients and will work with you on your tight timelines. We understand this industry is ever changing and fast paced and are here to serve you!

Can someone with little industry knowledge understand your maps?

Yes! We use customized clear cut symbols and labels represented in a way that is visually pleasing and communicates your map to your specific audience.

What geographic areas do you map?

The entire world! We can map anywhere on the face of the earth! However, our typical clients request maps that located in the USA, mainly Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, New York, Kansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Texas, etc…

How can I access or share my maps / data?

All clients receive access to our secure cloud server for 1 year. You can access your data, share, download, upload and send links to your own client folders.


"Working with true mapping has been a delight.  They are prompt, professional and deliver an excellent work product."
David Nicklas

Vista Energy Resources

"My relationship with True Mapping has been ongoing for close to 10 years now.  All my geological reports and presentations are included with a variety of True Mapping maps relative to any type of project. True Mapping is the 'one-stop-shop' when professional mapping is needed."
John J. Interval, P.G., C.P.G.

John Interval Consulting Petroleum Geological Services, LLC

"Thanks for your up to date mapping support, the information you provided has been well received by our customers in both the private and public sectors. Look forward to working with you in the future. Keep up the good work."
Christopher A. Junker, VP

NWSB Oil, Gas & Mineral Division

"Lafarge engaged the services of True Mapping on several occasions.  I found Jessica and her team to be highly professional in both their approach to understanding our needs as well as the timely delivery of high quality results on budget.  I highly recommend True Mapping!"
Bryan Shipp

Business Development Manager at Lafarge

"We have been using True Mapping for several years and will continue to do so.  Jessica is professional, prepared, accurate and responsive to our requests.  I would recommend True Mapping to anyone."
James M. Ogan

Land Manager at Abarta

"Bly Capital Management, LLC. has benefitted from your excellent and prompt mapping of the Marcellus pad and well bores of our future and producing wells.  An EXCELLENT planning and forecasting tool!  We will continue your support of all of our mapping needs."
Loren Bly, President

Bly Capital Management, LLC

"True Mapping has done multiple projects for me. They have always been able to deliver.  And they do their research. I’m completely satisfied with True Mapping."
Jacqueline Weinhold

Petroleum Land Agent


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